The Patriot Threat by Steve Berry


The Patriot Threat by Steve Berry is the latest installment in the Cotton Malone series.  As always, this was an Audible listen for me.  Cotton Malone books are one of those series that are must listens for me.

I accidentally listened to this book before the preceding book, didn’t spoil the book but there were some holes I couldn’t plug.  That is entirely my fault.  I’m currently listening to the aforementioned book I skipped, The Lincoln Myth.

One again Cotton Malone finds himself freelancing for the Magellan Billet instead of running his bookshop in Copenhagen.  This time Cotton must unravel the mystery behind the Sixteenth Amendment  (income tax).  While fictional, this was a fascinating and engaging read. It was very easy to believe the plot and I admit I was cheering for the bad guys this time around.

Four stars out of five for an extremely enjoyable listen.  It would have been five stars if the bad guys had won but that would have ruined the series at the same time.


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