Day 10: Most Memorable Heroes of 2015

Each year I encounter hundreds of interesting characters, this year three of those male protagonists stood out amongst the others.  There were other possible entries on the list but I have a feeling those characters will show up on next years list.

John Perdue

wpid-cover58330-medium  John Perdue is the protagonist in Nina George’s brilliant The Little Paris Bookshop.  I reviewed the book earlier this year.  Characters with whom you can instantly step into their shoes and you can imagine yourself in their life, are characters you remember.  John Perdue is one of those characters for me this year.  His heart break is an old wound but it is still raw and open.  The depth of his love for his lost love is almost tangible, the urge to comfort and shake him war simultaneously in the reader.  His growth as a human fills the pages of the novel, overcoming loss and reconnecting with the world and with love.  John Perdue is one of my favorite characters this year, regardless of gender.

Matthew Clairmont

8667848  Matthew Clairmont is my first vampire in literature that isn’t vampy, over-the-top, or unlikeable.  Matthew is the male lead protagonist is Deborah Harkness’s All Souls Trilogy.  Matthew is an ancient vampire who falls in love with a witch, something that is supposed to be forbidden.  Matthew is a calm, even keeled thinker of a man.  You forget he is a vampire to be honest.  There are no nightly feedings or overt gore.  Instead, it is the rare scene that focuses on Matthew needing to consume blood.  Instead, Matthew is a man in love determined to protect those he loves at any cost.  His tenderness and devotion are qualities that make any woman swoon.  I’m lucky, minus the vampirism, I fell in love with my very own version of Matthew Clairmont.

Geralt of Rivia

6043781  Geralt of Rivia is a character that isn’t written to be loved but that is exactly what happens.  Here is this  tougher than nails character, trained from an early age to slay monsters, and who has undergone dangerous potions to become a Witcher.  Instead what we discover, is a man strong enough to kill the scariest things the world and throw his way and tender enough to take in and raise an orphan girl child.  Geralt is a complex and emotional character for a man supposedly devoid of all emotion.  His towering strength and tenderness toward Ciri is in direct contrast to his handling of the monsters that roam the land.   Geralt is one of the best written characters of all time.  The series has amazing characters throughout but Geralt stands out among those interesting characters that could make interesting novels all on their own.


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