Day 9: Reading Services Utilized

Like most readers these days there is a wide variety of sources for reading material available.  At times, the amount of choices can be daunting and still, for me nothing beats holding an actual, physical book in my hands.  A real life book is always my first choice but even for me those are becoming the rare exception rather than the rule.

So, when not holding a book these are my primary sources for reading material and this time, they are presented in preference order.


scribd  Scribd is one of the best deals around.  Nine dollars a month and unlimited access to thousands of book and one free audio book a month.  My TBR (to-be-read) list on Scribd alone would take me years to complete even without adding another book to the list.  My TBR on Scribd encompasses everything from non-fiction to children’s.  There are comics and graphic novels available too.  Seriously, the singular best deal out there for avid readers.


audible  Audible and I are old friends, comfortable and reliable friends.  I’ve been an Audible member for well over a decade.  Every month I look forward to my two credits eagerly and quickly spend the credits as soon as the date on the calendar rolls over.  Every month I wish they’d offer a subscription plan that offers three or four credits a month. 


nook_logo_512  Nook the e-reader and e-book service from Barnes and Noble is far and away my favorite such service.  Whenever there is a choice for choosing between e-reader services my default choice is always Nook.  The formatting and ease of use is far greater in my opinion than the competition.  I’m particularly enjoying the latest feature B&N Readouts which adds to my TBR list on a weekly basis.

Net Galley

Print  Net Galley is this unique opportunity for everyday readers to read Advance Release Copies of books for free.  There are a variety of e-reader sources available for the reader to pick to read on the device of their choice.  Admittedly, you have to be approved by the publishers before you can read the book which can on occasion led to disappointment.  But at the same time, I’ve discovered new authors that I’ve truly enjoyed thanks to the service.

First to Read

F2R_logo  First to Read is run by Penguin Books and allows the average reader a chance to read a book prior to release.  It is a weird lottery system to get to read a book.  I have yet to read one for the service but I do check it every month to see if there is something I’m interested in reading.


thV51R8ZXC  Kindle is by far my least favorite reading service, although it is my default choice for Net Galley reads.  There is nothing in particular that irritates me about Kindle but there is something just “”off for me.  I don’t like their store front, I don’t find it particularly reader friendly, and I don’t like how they’ve segregated certain functions to people using their e-readers exclusively.  Sure it’s their choice, just like it’s my choice to only use the service to read my Net Galley selections.



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