The Rhyme of the Magpie by Marty Wingate


The Rhyme of the Magpie by Marty Wingate was a Nook find after I got notice to read the second book in the series via Net Galley.  Truly an excellent example of a true British cozy mystery.

Set in the English countryside, the book revolves around the misadventures of Julia Lanchester.  Julia is thirty-seven when she abruptly changes careers to escape the remarriage of her father six months after her mother’s death.  Julia goes from being her father’s production assistant on the BBC’S famous birding program to the manager of tourism for a middling to large English estate. 

Marty Wingate has crafted a wonderful environment and delightful characters.  Julia is a likeable, no loveable, character you’d invite in for a cup of tea and discover that hours have slipped by and the two of you managed to eat an entire chocolate cake somehow.  The plot is exceedingly well thought out and the attention to detail runs throughout the smallest details.

Five stars out of five stars for a thoroughly pleasant and enjoyable read.  I will be reading more of her work in the future.


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