The Crossing by Michael Connelly


The Crossing by Michael Connelly is the latest installment in the Bosch series and was an Audible read.  It was brilliantly narrated by Titus Welliver, who is the actor that has brought Harry Bosch to life in the Amazon series Bosch.

I am a long time fan of Michael Connelly and Harry Bosch.  In fact, one of the very first uses of an Audible credit was for a Bosch novel.  This is the first novel where a retired Harry Bosch is faced with the day to day reality of retirement.  And to be blunt, Harry and Michael both suffered in this book.  It was short and suffered from the lack of the contentious relationship Harry and the LAPD have always had.  That tension was not effectively replaced by Harry’s conflicted conscious when he goes to work for his half-brother, Mickey Haller, a defense attorney.

My rating is middle of the road for this book but that rating is totally influenced by the previous works in the series.  Bosch has always been a gripping and gritty read, full of internal politics and a well plotted murder mystery.  This time it read like both the author and the character were at a major crossroads in their lives and neither knew where they were going.  While I completely understand that and I understand the reasoning behind writing that for Harry, it felt like it cheapened the series somehow.

Harry Bosch was a good listen this time around but not nearly as gripping as previous novels, three stars out of five.


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