Day 6: Best Narrator

This might just be the toughest category for me because it is rare that an audiobook fails because of the narrator.  Since this is the inaugural year I’m going to choose my all time favorite narrator, the incomparable Scott Brick.

I’ve often said over the years that I’d listen to the dictionary if Scott Brick narrated.  I know, how crazy is that but it is the truth.  There is something about the quality, cadence, and timbre of his voice that turns any audio recording into a magic and memorable experience.

This year I’ve listened to The President’s Shadow by Brad Meltzer, The Patriot Threat by Steve Berry, Radiant Angel by Nelson DeMille, and The Lincoln Myth by Steve Berry all narrated by Scott Brick.  Every single book has held me captivated long past the point when I should have being doing other things.  Admittedly, every one of those books is a series with familiar characters and by authors I know will deliver a consistently good story.

I will also freely admit that all of the above authors have been spoiled for me for reading the actual words on a page.  Their characters and settings are ingrained in my head with Scott Brick narrating the action and events.  Even if I wanted too, I doubt I could successful curl up and read one their books.  That isn’t taking anything away from the authors, it is much more a testament to Scott and the amazing life he brings to the books he narrates.

So, if you are new to audiobooks or thought they would be distracting I can highly recommend anything read by Scott Brick.





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