Day 4: Favorite New to Me Authors


Much like the photo, new horizons opened up for me this year when I fell in love with new authors and the characters and worlds they created, in no particular order or preference.


Mary Corran

I am immensely thankful for Net Galley introducing me to Mary Corran this year.  The world she crafted in Imperial Light was beautiful and believable.  Her writing style brings the characters alive on the page and your world slowly transforms into the world she created for the novel.  The love story between the author and her characters is evident in every word written.

Cindy Brown

Cindy Brown was another discover thanks to Net Galley this year.  The world her Ivy Meadows books are set in is familiar to me since Sun City isn’t far from the house.  But what Cindy does so beautifully is write elderly characters, flaws and all, as they truly are not just someone’s grandparent that you spend a few minutes with and then carry on with every day living.  Instead, the young and the young at heart interact to create incredibly funny and fun scenes and stories to make you laugh out loud.

Robin Hobb

There are not enough words in the English language to convey the joy I feel when reading a Robin Hobb’s novel.  Her characters alone are impressive works of art but she has a unique talent to craft and convey beautiful and dangerous environments as if they were real.  I loved the characters immensely but I also fell deeply in love with the environment.  It was as important as any of the characters, it shaped their lives, actions, and decisions and you, the reader, felt the impact.

B.B. Oak

The husband and wife team of B.B. Oak was a find on Scribd this year and truly delightful.  Taking Thoreau and making him come alive outside of his prose and poetry that we all studied in school was brilliant.  Henry is funny, esoteric, and charming.  He isn’t the hard to decipher writer that I’ll admit bored me to tears in school.  Instead, he made me smile and more importantly made me want to continue reading the series.


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