Day 3: Favorite audio book, non-series


I freely admit I love my audio books, this year my Audible subscription was mostly series books which isn’t surprising to be honest.  When you’ve gotten into the groove with an author and narrator telling a particular protagonist’s story it is very difficult to switch to reading that story.  So, my morning and soon to be evening walks are always accompanied by the dogs and a book playing through my headphones.  Evening views are always similar to the one above, and honestly it’s hard not to enjoy an excellent book with such gorgeous scenery surrounding you.

So, out of the non-series books in my Audible library this year, Tarkin by James Luceno was by far my favorite non-series read.

51IVYkWDgpL._SL300_  My full review of the book can be read here.  I’ve been on something of a Star Wars reading jag this year, well by reading I mean listening since for me Star Wars novels are so much more alive with the sound effects, and Tarkin was by far the most complex and interesting read.  Even if you’ve never seen Star Wars, Tarkin would be an enjoyable read because of the depth of character exploration.

Next year, it  is a goal to buy one series and one non-series book each month with my Audible credits to try and diversify my reading a bit further.  Can’t promise to be perfect but hey that’s why it’s a goal and not an absolute!  I’m not publically disclosing my December Audible credits are going to finish out one series of novels and start a new series and new to me author.  Nope, I don’t have a series reading problem at all.


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