Saint’s Gate by Carla Neggers


Saint’s Gate by Carla Neggers was a new to me author on Scribd earlier this year.  It was another great author find for me and is the first book in the Sharpe and Donovan series.

Emma Sharpe is a former nun from a convent in Maine who left the convent to join the FBI years ago to join the art crimes division.  Now she returns to her hometown and the convent at the request of one of the nuns only to discover the nun murdered on the convent grounds and a mysterious painting to puzzle out and solve.  Colin Donovan is a deep cover agent for the FBI who happens home decompressing after his latest assignment.  Emma and Colin’s paths intersect of the mystery of the painting and the murdered nun.  In a mystery spanning two continents, ancient history, religion, and love can Emma and Colin solve the mystery before more lives are lost?

Emma Sharpe is a well conceived and fleshed out character.  Nothing about her depiction felt forced or unnatural.  Yes, I imagine it’s exceedingly rare for a former nun to join the FBI but as written it was more than believable.  Emma isn’t written as a bitter ex-nun, rather a woman who realized her calling in life had changed. 

Five out of five stars for a good solid and enjoyable read by a new to me author.  I will be reading more in the series, always a good sign of an enjoyable read for me.


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