Prince of Wolves by Dave Gross


The Prince of Wolves by Dave Gross was an Audible listen and another Pathfinder Tales novel.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable listen and a rollicking good time.  It is pure fantasy but part mystery and thriller as well.

Radovan and Jeggare find themselves in Ustalav this time, a country very unlike their own.  From the opening lines of the novel, you know something is up since Radovan is in a coffin being burned alive.  What follows is a thrilling adventure that changes our heroes relationship and brings yet another constant companion that is with them from this book onward.  Our heroes meet werewolves, outcasts, giants, and the undead along the way.  Radovan is utterly transformed in this novel, without giving away the details the transformation is physical.

Along the way, they escape death numerous times and solve the riddle of the missing Pathfinder that sent them to Ustalav in the first place.  There is much more action in this book than Queen of Thorns but that action is appropriate to this book and setting.  Honestly, a character study would have been out of place with werewolves.

A solid four out of five stars for fast paced action and a great performance.  The book was entertaining and kept my feet moving early in the morning with two big dogs in tow. 


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