Yarned Dangerously by Sadie Hartwell


Yarned Dangerously by Sadie Hartwell was a Net Galley read.  It falls squarely in the cozy mystery category.

This book is the one I had just started reading when I heard about the tragedy in Paris.  I wanted nothing more than to lose myself in a good book but it wasn’t possible.  It wasn’t the book however which I thankfully picked back up Saturday afternoon and finished.

Josie is our reluctant heroine who is called on to help out an elderly family member.  She quits her job and moves temporarily back home to small town Connecticut from the frenetic activity of New York City.  Josie is confronted with an crotchety uncle, closing a knitting shop, high school friends, and the local knitters.  Can Josie discover truth of what’s going on and more importantly will she listen to that little voice in her head?

I was instantly transported back to Connecticut reading this book.  Going back to New England is definitely on my list once we move into the RV as fulltimers.  The magic and desolation of a dying New England village was caught perfectly but even more importantly, what would be lost if the old were abolished to make way to the new and shiny.

Five stars out of five stars for leaving me wanting more from the characters.  Also worthy of the rating because the author made the elderly (why am I using that word, they weren’t that much older than I!) a central part of the story.  I will read more from this author as the novels get released.


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