A Stitch Before Dying by Anne Canadeo


A Stitch Before Dying by Anne Canadeo was a Scribd read for me and the third installment in the Black Sheep Knitting series. 

When Maggie is asked to teach a knitting class at a luxury spa for the weekend, she manages to negotiate rooms for her friends as part of the package.  So off goes our favorite group of knitters for a relaxing weekend get away but unsurprisingly murder finds our intrepid knitters and spoils their relaxing weekend.  There is a whole new cast of supporting characters to explore from the star doctor, the elderly couple, and the ex-wives of the doctor that run the spa.

I was glad to see this book not set in the fictional town where the knitting shop is located.  It neatly avoided the “Jessica Fletcher” syndrome with an entirely plausible premise.  This installment is more of a character study of the supporting cast than it was of the knitting circle which was nice.  There was still character growth for the series characters but it had the most fleshed out supporting cast of characters to date. 

Five stars out of five stars for a great cozy mystery that let me lose myself for a couple of hours.


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