The Book of Life


The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness is the conclusion to the All Souls Trilogy and was an Audible listen.

Diana and Matthew are back in modern times and find themselves dealing with witches and vampires intent on preventing there being a happily ever after for the now married Diana and Matthew.  Is their love and bond strong enough to withstand the trials they will face?  Will Diana survive the pregnancy, will their unborn children survive?

The conclusion is just as fascinating and intense as the first two novels.  Love and family bonds are tested.  Independence and reliance on one another are familiar themes that are explored.  The reader is never let down by the characters or the quality of writing.  The reader is kept in suspense and, in my case, always willing to listen to just one more chapter. 

The story of Diana and Matthew’s path toward true and lasting love may have come to a conclusion in this book but the cast of supporting characters leave plenty of room for more stories and adventures to come.  I want to read/hear more about Gallowglass personally.  I was pleased to learn that there is a new book coming in 2017 set in the All Souls Trilogy universe.

Five stars our of five stars for an incredibly well written and engaging conclusion to the All Souls Trilogy.


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