Death by Tea by Alex Erickson


Death by Tea by Alex Erickson was a Net Galley read and will be published on November 24, 2015 by Kensington Books.  It falls firmly in the cozy mystery category.

This is the second installment in the Bookstore Café Mystery series and I haven’t not read the first.  I finished the book yesterday evening and truthfully it left no lingering impression or desire to read any further books in the series.  There characters were neither memorable or enjoyable, rather than seemed like ill conceived sketches of what the author perceived women would behave like.  

There are two cats in the book, they are more memorable than the human characters which is a sad commentary on both to be honest.  The main protagonist of the story, Krissy Hancock, is the owner of the coffee bar/bookstore combination and the owner of the cat Misfit.  Misfit is a cat in name only because never have I owned or heard of a cat capable of the level of destruction caused by Misfit.  Trouble, the cat who hangs out at the store, is equally bad mannered but is rarely the subject of more than a passing sentence or two. 

The “mystery” is poorly constructed and even more poorly resolved.  Our intrepid and unlikeable heroine stumbles upon the solution by pure chance after the overwhelming majority of the book was a jumble of misdirection and stumbling through poorly constructed subplot text. 

Two stars out of five simply because I finished the book.


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