While My Pretty One Knits by Anne Canadeo


While My Pretty One Knits by Anne Canadeo was a Scribd new to me author read.  It’s a cozy mystery set in a fictional town in Massachusetts with knitting being the common thread that brings the cast of characters together.

I’m not a knitter and was pleased to discover that knitting knowledge was not a requirement to get full enjoyment from the book.  In fact, the knitting shop and characters were perfectly analogous to the cross stitch and needlepoint stores I’m familiar with from my own life.

The author has the shop owner Maggie Messina as the protagonist and I as the reader wholly disagreed.  I found Lucy Binger to be the protagonist and the best developed character.  It’s a minor point and one that in no way affected the enjoyment of the book.

If you read cozy mysteries you will find everything about the book and setting familiar and comfortable.  A group of friends thrown by circumstances into solving a murder the local bumbling police force is unable to wrap their heads around.  Yes the formula is predictable but that doesn’t detract from a well written story or characters.

A solid five stars out five stars for a well written story that delivered what I expected.


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