city of Dragons by Robin Hobb


City of Dragons by Robin Hobb is the third novel in the Rain Wilds Chronicles.  This Scribd read was yet another truly marvelous read from the talented world builder.

Our intrepid band of dragons and humans have found the mythical dragon city of Kelsingra only to be disappointed.  The city is unreachable without flight and none of the dragons can fly.  Are our heroes to be stymied at the last moment?

The human spirit and the will to overcome are explored in this installment.  Will sheer will, determination and hard work overcome the challenges posed by birth, for both human and dragon alike? 

The fantastic character study of the previous two installments in the series continues.  Does true love triumph over social standing and expectations?  Is love truly enough for the human spirit to survive despite the challenges for food, shelter, and drinkable water?

An easy five stars out of five.  As usual I was sad when the novel concluded but thrilled the next volume was waiting for me to lose myself in the world and characters.


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