Dragon Haven by Robin Hobb



Dragon Haven by Robin Hobb is the second installment in the Rain Wilds Chronicles.  It was a Scribd read in early February earlier this year and was as captivating and thrilling as the first book.

The ragtag group of dragon handlers, boatmen and dragons begin their trek up the Rain Wild River in search of the mythical dragon city of Kelsingra.  What awaits the temperamental dragon Sintara and the delicate, slow to develop dragon of Relpda?  Will the humans on the trip learn to trust one another or will their differences, prejudices, and greed tear them apart? 

Robin Hobb has a unique and magical talent of writing characters that simply jump off the page and into your heart and imagination without being aware.  That magical talent also extends to the Rain Wilds environment as well, which is a much more difficult task to accomplish.  The world and characters both play an integral role in the book and one without the other would render the book not nearly as magical and endearing.

The interactions between characters is phenomenally well done.  The tension been Alise and Sedric is real and palpable. Will Sedric do the unthinkable?  Will he find happiness on his own or will he sabotage others to gain his own happiness?  Every character, major and minor, would be someone you could have an interesting and long lasting conversation with over a beer.

Five stars out of five stars for meeting everything I could ever want in a book. 


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