Out Comes the Evil by Stella Cameron


Out Comes the Evil by Stella Cameron will be published by Severn House on December 1, 2015.  This was a Net Galley read and is the second in the series.

Alex Duggins is the local pub owner and main protagonist of the series.  Alex is a well written, complex lead.  She has a definite back story parts of which were mentioned at the end of novel.  The love story, or more accurately budding love story, between Alex and Tony was interesting to watch it develop.

The story takes place in a small English village in the Cotswold’s when Alex and Tony discover the body of one of the villagers.  The novel is a great character study of life in a village where secrets are deeply buried and everyone knows everyone’s business.  Through this lens, Alex must navigate the treacherous undercurrents and discover the truth before it’s too late.

This lies somewhere between a cozy and police procedural mystery.  The actual mystery is full of misdirection and unexpected turns.  The ultimate villain was unexpected but not at the same time.

Four stars out of five good storytelling and a nicely plotted misdirection mystery.  Characters are intriguing and the story left me wanting more.  I will go back and read Folly the first installment in the series.


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