Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness


Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness is the second book of the All Souls Trilogy and an Audible listen.  An interesting genre mix of urban fantasy in an historical setting but picking up right where the first book concluded.

Diana and Matthew time travel and land in Tudor England, the land of Shakespeare, Marlow, and Queen Elizabeth.  Diana needs to learn to fit into Tudor society and Matthew must be able to convince his friends that the twenty-first century Matthew is the sixteenth century Matthew.  Diana must learn harness her magic, not only to transport them back to the twenty-first century, but to figure out who is coming after her and why. 

Events lead Matthew and Diana to France and Hungary.  Matthew’s father, Philip who is dead in the twenty-first century, is alive and Matthew is reunited with his father.  There is magic there, not the magic of witches and vampires but the magic of human love and affection.  Diana meets Matthew’s father and there begins the true magic of the book. 

The narration was as brilliant as the first book and the story just as magical and intense as well.  I admit I was disappointed initially that the book went to Tudor England and not Colonial America.  I would have loved to have meet Rebecca Bishop and seen that interaction.  I am still waiting for that novel to be honest.  I would love to experience that magic between Diana and Rebecca.  I hope that story is one Deb Harkness is waiting to tell.

Five stars out of five stars for both the story and the narration.  The book is brilliant on all fronts, a masterpiece of storytelling.


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