Magyk by Angie Sage



Magyk by Angie Sage is a Children’s chapter book and the first in a series.  It was a Scribd read and a new to me author earlier this year.

When the seventh son of the seventh son, named Septimus Heap, is born he is stolen by the attending midwife and his father finds a discarded baby girl on his way home.  Despite their rage and grief, they decide to raise the mysteriously abandoned baby girl, whom they name Jenna, as their own. Jenna becomes an integral part of the Heap family.  Mom and Dad Heap never forget Septimus. 

This first book in the series establishes the lore and background for the entire series.  The seventh son of the seventh son holds a special place in the magic of this world, desirable by both good and evil.  There are evil wizards and good witches, an enchanted bog, evil henchman, a missing princess, and a kingdom hanging in the balance.  Just who is Septimus Heap and where is this special son?  Will he use his magic for good or evil?  Will Septimus be reunited with his parents?  The second underlying question running throughout the book is who is Jenna and why would anyone toss a newborn infant away?

Characters are not tightly crafted and plot lines are weak and disjointed at times.  The last chapter is perhaps the worst example in the book, it served no purpose other than increasing the author’s word count.  However, those are my adult objections and as a child reading a book would have been quite pleased. 

Three stars out of five stars, the writing wasn’t superb and the characters were not extremely well drawn.  The language wasn’t challenging for a child reader and honestly, I would have been bored at age ten.  However, there was enough meat on the bones of the overall story to read more of the series.  Thus begins a new series about a magical boy, his powers, and the world around him.


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