Smitten by Colleen Coble, Kristen Billerbeck, Diann Hunt, and Denise Hunter


Smitten by Colleen Coble, Kristen Billerbeck, Diann Hunt, and Denise Hunter was a Scribd read.  My first read of the sub-genre of Christian romance fiction.

Set in a small, fictional town in Vermont the book tells the story of four women who fall in love while attempting to save their small town from extinction when the town’s main employer, the lumber mill threatens to close down.  With a town named Smitten, four enterprising friends decide to save the small town they love by capitalizing on the town’s name.  There is the summary of the whole book unfortunately in a couple of sentences.

Four authors, each published in their own right successfully, trying to tell a story that relates to the other authors in a quarter of a novel.  It was disjointed and the Christian overtone felt forced and gimmicky.  In and of itself, the premise of the book wasn’t horrible but four authors vying to tell a story using the same premise in the same novel doesn’t work.  Four protagonists vying for attention was distracting.  The overt religious preaching throughout the novel was irritating and I am a person of faith.

Three stars out of five because the individual stories and writing styles weren’t awful.  The overall book was not good however and I won’t be reading any more of the series.  The sub-genre won’t be one I return to frequently if ever to be honest.  I just prefer to spend my reading time being spent on other genres and subject matters.


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