Wouldn’t It Be Deadly by D.E. Ireland


Wouldn’t It Be Deadly by D.E. Ireland was an impulse spend of Audible credits several months back.  It is an impulse I deeply regret.

I adore My Fair Lady and was delighted at the prospect of a mystery featuring favorite characters.  Instead, my ears were assaulted each moment I forced myself to continue listening to the story.  I gave up around two and a half hours in and moved on to other titles in my Audible library.

Everything about the book felt forced, contrived, and convoluted.  I hated Eliza from the moment the narrator opened her mouth and none of the other characters were any better.

The book may be better in the written format but I highly doubt that is possible given how poorly written the characters are.  Any author who takes beloved characters and tries to craft new stories with these characters faces a daunting challenge.  An author either succeeds or fails, or in this case two authors collaborating.  Eliza isn’t likeable, she isn’t charming, Henry is a whiny, petulant bully.  There was no character growth from the movie, just poor imitations that left a bad taste in my mouth.

One star out of five and the second book in the series has been removed from my Audible wish list.


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