Emma and the Banderwigh by Matthew Cox


Emma and the Banderwigh by Matthew Cox was an Advanced Readers Copy from Curiosity Quills.  It is firmly on the cusp of being a children’s chapter book and a young adult story.  The book released on October 11, 2015.

Emma is the highly logical oldest children, determined to protect her younger brother and to no longer allow herself to believe in the possibilities of anything remotely magical.  She lives with her family on the edge of Widowswood and scoffs at stories of fairies and the banderwigh.  And then Emma’s life changes when she and her little brother are taken by the banderwigh one night.

What happens next changes Emma’s life forever and results in a magical tale of adventure, discovery, and family.  Emma is uncommonly brave for a girl of ten, much braver than I remember being at that age, and is an incredibly well crafted character.  She has strengths, weaknesses, and more importantly, the capacity for change.

This is the type of book I did not read as a child.  I was an avid reader of anything mystery and anything featuring a horse.  As a ten year old girl that avoided anything fantasy this book would have scared me senseless, I would have read it but would have been clutching my Pooh tightly the whole time.

Five flashlights out of five flashlights for a solid story, genuinely creepy (giant green spiders anyone?), and wonderfully written characters throughout.  Emma would make a wonderful heroine should Matthew Cox decide to continue her adventures.


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