The Brontë Plot by Katherine Reay


The Brontë Plot by Katherine Reay will be published by Thomas Nelson on November  3, 2015 and was a read from Net Galley.

Some books are so deliciously good you cannot put them aside for real life.  Welcome to amazing story that unfolds within The Brontë Plot.  A story of friendship, love, redemption, hope, and self-discovery   that begins and ends in Chicago.  Lucy Alling falls in love with James but quickly their love is shattered when Lucy’s penchant for embellishments lead her down a path of shortcuts and dishonesty.

Little do James and Lucy know that James’s grandmother’s life story will resolve family issues James didn’t realize existed and Lucy finds redemption and hope in the moors of England.

Filled with beautiful characters, familiar literary companions, and interesting plot twists this is a mist read going into the holiday season.  For lovers of the Brontë sisters and lovers of journeys of self discovery alike, this book has something for everyone.

Five stars our of five stars for bringing me a sense of calm and hope in what has been a truly awful week here.  I loved each word, every character, and every situation.


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