The Girls She Left Behind by Sarah Graves


The Girls She Left Behind by Sarah Graves was a Net Galley read.  The book will be published by Ballantine on January 12, 2016.

Sarah Graves is a favorite author, I adore her Home Repair is Homicide series immensely.  This is not a book in that series and a definite departure from the cozy mystery genre.  This title is a definite thriller with a very different feel than the cozy series and is the second in the series.

Lizzie Snow is a transplanted homicide detective from Boston who relocated to a small northern Maine town of Bearkill to search for her missing niece.  What transpires is a psychological mystery that has many twists and turns that I didn’t find predictable.    Set in an unseasonably warm Maine winter with forest fires raging, a teenager goes missing and her mother is unreasonably reluctant to tell Lizzie everything that might possibly find and save her child.  Into that mix, add an escaped mental patient,  a woman experiencing a mental collapse, and possible sightings of Lizzie’s long lost niece.  The result is a page turner that will keep you reading long past your bed time.

A solid four stars out of five stars.  The book was excellent with strong well developed characters and interesting plot twists.


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