Imperial Light by Mary Corran


Imperial Light by Mary Corran was originally published in 1993 and republished by Venture Press on September 18, 2015.  This was a new author for me and a read from Net Galley.

Kyria is the heroine of this engaging fantasy novel and from the very beginning of the novel she is an interesting character whom you instantly connect.  The death of her mother, her cold and unloving father begin Kyria’s story.  This isn’t a coming of age story or journey of self-discovery,  rather this is complex storytelling with plenty of timeless political and religious commentary lurking under the surface.  Kyria isn’t the only protagonist in the story however, there is always the mirror opposite struggle of Hilarion, the heir apparent to the throne.

There is no blatant politic or religious preaching rather, the storytelling speaks for itself without demanding the reader acquiesce to the viewpoint of the author.  There are truly beautiful scenes and heart wrenching ones.  The reader is transported easily to the world and struggle of Kyria, her companions and Hilarion and his associates. 

Five out of five stars for the quality of the writing and an engaging story. 


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