Potential Upcoming Reads

I’m not one usually to publish about future reads, particularly since I generally read what strikes my mood when I pick up a new book.  So, take the following books with a grain of salt.  Don’t get me wrong, they are all on my To Be Read list but other books may appeal more to me as the year progresses.

Net Galley Books

Net Galley has been a terrific source of new authors and new novels.  Not all novels or authors have appealed to me but that’s the supreme joy of Net Galley, no risk and lots of potential gain.  There is a better than even chance that all of these books will be read and reviewed.


I started To Burn by Claudia Dain last night and so far it isn’t horrible but it also wasn’t compelling enough for me to immediately pick it up and begin reading when I awoke this morning.  My next Net Galley read will be Murder at Redwood Cove, that beagle face makes me want to dive in between the pages and learn what he dug up in the front yard.  Here’s to hoping the writing lives up to the promise of the cover.

Audible Books

Weather is cooling off here and thus walking the dogs has resumed, which in turn means a faster turn over in Audible book consumption.  Only detriment to living in the desert is the couple of months when walking with dogs is just plain hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable.  And with the new reading glasses I can once again stitch until my arms and fingers ache!  Stitching while listening to a book is yet another wonderful benefit of audio books.


Physical Books

As much as I love and use modern technology, nothing can replace the weight and physicality of turn pages in a real book.  Being an admittedly old fuddy duddy there will always be real books awaiting my eager hands and mind to read.  Not to mention the added benefit that in triple digit temperatures, you can take a real book outside and it won’t overheat within minutes of getting comfortable.



I guess it’s pretty obvious that my reading tastes are all over the map.  I’ve purposely left off my intended reads from digital platforms such as Nook, Scribd, and Kindle.  My Mount TBR is tall and has far more peaks than valleys, which to be honest isn’t at all uncommon amongst readers!


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