Radiant Angel by Nelson DeMille



Sometimes there is no greater pleasure than to leash the dogs, slip on your headphones and go for a walk while listening to an Audible novel written by Nelson DeMIlle and narrated by the incomparable Scott Brick.  This week was one of those weeks, although it was too hot to listen for long in the blazing heat of the end of August in the desert. 

In Radiant Angel that lovable, former NYPD detective John Cory is once again saving his beloved New York City from the evil that threatens the world.  As usual, John Cory goes off script and does his own thing which ultimately saves the city he loves from harm.  The novel, as always, is timely with world current events and is entirely plausible in the backstory.  I love the inability of John Cory to walk away from the threat to his city, even when common sense says to stop what you’re doing and go home like your bosses ordered.  But John Cory lacks common sense and the unsung hero of John Cory once again silently prevents the deaths of millions.

Scott Brick makes the writing and and characters come alive.  The tension and drama are perfectly portrayed by voice alone.  Although I must confess, I’m a huge Scott Brick fan.  I’d probably purchase the ‘’”Dictionary as read by Scott Brick” on the strength and listening pleasure of his past work alone.

An easy five out of five stars for Radiant Angel, the writing and the narration.


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