Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel



This is one of those books that I’m drawn too, historical fiction set in Tudor England.  I should have had no trouble with this book but truth is, it was unreadable for me.  Wolf Hall by HIlary Mantel has been in my Audible library for some time but ignored.  When the BBC series came to America this year I decided to give the book a chance before watching the series.

I hated both immensely.  The book was killed by the narration for me, although I suspect it was more to do with the writing than the narration.  It takes a tremendous effort to make Thomas Cromwell boring, the man was anything but boring.  Yet, that is precisely what Hilary Mantel manages to do.  Within two hours I had turned off the book and deleted it from my phone.  There are too many books to listen to and enjoy in life to sleepwalk listen to a book because it is popular.  I managed a little longer with the PBS series but not much.  It too was dry, boring, and horrendous.

I know everyone has been heaping praise upon this novel for a while now but for me, truly awful.  If you manage to put me to sleep while reading at nine A.M. then there is no chance I’m finishing your book or giving it another go later.  One star out of five, if I could give a negative star rating on Goodreads it would be lower.


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