Some Like It Lethal by Nancy Martin



Some Like It Lethal by Nancy Martin was just the perfect afternoon read with old friends, made all the more enjoyable by turning the pages of an actual book.  Yes, I’m one of those book nerds that loves to hold an actual book, turn the pages, and savor the smell of old books.  A well written novel, likeable and memorable characters, characters that have depth, and a well constructed plot all combine into the perfect cozy mystery.

Nora Blackbird and her sisters are some of my favorite characters in the cozy universe.  Nora is the main protagonist but her sister Libby keeps me in stitches each book and this book was no different.  Emma on the other hand is suspected of murder, goes on the lamb with the help of Nora’s allegedly “connected” boyfriend without Nora’s knowledge.  The rest of the cast of characters running around Philadelphia’s society parties, all being dutifully reported on by Nora, are equally memorable.  My favorite this book was dotty Dotty, she had a small appearance in the book but she was so well written you wanted to sit down and have tea with her.

I love books I can read in one sitting and leave a smile on my face.  This installment of the series definitely did that and left me eager to read the rest of the series.  The books are next on Mount TBR but they may just creep up the mountain.  Five out of five stars for making my afternoon a more pleasant and enjoyable romp through Philadelphia society with characters I love reading.


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