A Trio of Disappointing Titles

This week has filled with a Trio of disappointing books for me.  Two books have been released and one has nit yet been published.  All three novels are from NetGalley.  I debated about reviewing the titles but ultimately decided that as a reviewer I’d be dishonest if I only published good reviews and ignored the bad. 


I Need A Hero by Emma Bennet published from Joffe Books on July 21, 2015.  The book was unreadable for me due to editing issues.  There was this odd, baffling, and inconsistent use of italic text.  Editing killed my ability to read the actual story, which may or may not have been enjoyable.  Two stars out of five because of editing issues.


Rooville by Julie Long just flat out hit on one of my pet peeves in life.  Within the first twenty pages the author had to resort to the use of profanity to express the protagonist’s frustration.  English is a language filled with plenty of words to express frustration with swearing.  It’s just plain lazy on the part of the author and there are plenty of other books I’d rather read instead.  The book published in September 2015.  One star out of five for sheer author laziness.


Drape Expectations by Karen Rose Smith released July 28, 2015 from Kensington Press.  The writing quality was decent and the editing was innocuous.  What killed this book for me was the preachy, judgmental tone the protagonist was given. Seriously, I don’t read fiction books to be told that failure to kennel my dog is abusive.  Honestly, there are far more interesting characters to discover and explore than forcing myself to read a book where the main character makes me grind my teeth.

*Written on my phone, so I apologize for any errors in advance.


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