Mrs. Hudson and the Spirits’ Curse by Martin Davies


Mrs. Hudson and the Spirits’ Curse by Martin Davies is a NetGalley read and the book which was published on 13 July 2015.  Unfortunately, this is a book I couldn’t finish.  The premise had all the makings of a mystery I would love but a decent premise does not make for a compelling read. 

The opening introduction is an incomprehensible introduction to a nameless character who is eventually turned over the Mrs. Hudson for safe keeping.  Flottie, as we learn she prefers to be called, is quickly enrolled in the “Eliza Doolittle” program of how to be a proper, well educated below stairs all-around serving girl under the tutelage of Mrs. Hudson.  Then the current employer of Mrs. Hudson, and presumably Flottie, dies and Mrs. Hudson goes to work for Sherlock Holmes at 221B Baker Street.

I read far enough to get through the introduction of Flottie to Sherlock and the big bad, scary man at the door but honestly by that point the book was a struggle to pick up and read.  Conversations were stilted, characters were unlikable, and I simply didn’t care enough to continue to invest my time in the book.

One star out of five for me, unrealized premise with characters familiar and yet I couldn’t have cared less about any of them.


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