Lending a Paw by Laurie Cass



You know a book is going to be great when by the second page you love the main character and can totally and completely relate to her.  Such was the unexpected but thoroughly enjoyable read that was Lending a Paw.  I picked up the book at random during the annual VNSA Used Book Sale here in Arizona.  I hit the jackpot of reading!

A cantankerous boss, a mischievous cat, a library, and a small town in Michigan all combine to make Minnie Hamilton one of my favorite characters of the year.  She’s short, sassy, funny, and determined.  Bookmobiles are quite uncommon these days in major metropolitan cities, thanks largely to the ease of e-books and fast internet connections but in small towns and rural areas I still cling to the belief that bookmobiles are welcomed sights across the land.  Minnie is the proud driver of just such a bookmobile that she fought to establish in her town, luckily long before the story begins although we catch glimpses of her struggle throughout the book. 

Now, with her boss firmly against the bookmobile and her cat Eddie determined to be a part of the adventure, Minnie sets off on her first day driving the bookmobile.  What ensues is a murder victim discovered by Eddie, a cast of local characters who all fall in love with Eddie, and at the center of it all, the possibility of losing the bookmobile Minnie worked so hard to establish for the residents of Chilson, Michigan. 

Can Minnie unravel the mystery before the bookmobile is defunded?  Will the excited patrons squeal about Eddie’s presence on the bookmobile to her boss?  Is Minnie next on the murder’s list?

This books is five stars easily.  It is funny, charming, enjoyable, and a true cozy mystery.  If you love books and reading, then run don’t walk to pick up a copy today. 


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