Candy Corn Murder by Leslie Meier


Leslie Meier is a tried and true author for me and Candy Corn Murder is book from NetGalley which releases 25 August 2015. 

I love the mystery series set in Tinkers Cove, Maine.  Readers have watched Lucy and Bill raise their children in the small coastal town where Lucy always somehow stumbles upon a murder victim.  The familiar cast of characters makes for a comfortable afternoon read but this book isn’t great.

The mystery is maybe the last third of the book and then it gets all wrapped up neatly very quickly with little to no investigation.  The majority of the book is setting up the victim and the alleged bad guy.  To be honest, I got bored half way through the book.  I finished it based on the strength of the other novels in the series but if this were my first foray into a Leslie Meier cozy mystery, I wouldn’t have finished the book.

Don’t misunderstand me, the writing is excellent and the back story is good but it didn’t serve to solve a mystery rather than set one up.  The actual investigative skills in this book where just not there.  In my opinion, there was too much preaching on social issue (women’s safety, medical marijuana, marijuana legalization, spousal abuse, etc.) that I read to escape from the constant media barrage by newscasters, politicians, and celebrities. 

I’m giving the book a solid three stars based on the past installments of the series and the overall storytelling.  The mystery aspect would get a one star on it’s own.  This was definitely not my favorite installment in the series.


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