Why The Protagonists Pub?

I have a personal blog already and occasionally I will blog brief book summaries for what I’ve read recently.  Those blurbs aren’t in depth or really informative.  They are like a tiny bite of what is great or awful about a certain books.  I’ve read so many amazing books this year that I’ve finally decided to separate out the book blurbs and give them the full on reviews they deserve.

I used to just read and devour mysteries faster than authors could write them but in the last several years my reading horizons have expanded to encompass Sci-Fi and Fantasy which is a genre that I could never get into before.  I still read mysteries but those characters are no longer alone in my reading universe.

Pubs are fantastic snippets of life where you can pop in grab a beer or a cup of tea.  Strangers all somehow find their way to the pub, regardless of their jobs or social standing.  A pub is a perfect gathering place for all of the strange, wonderful, memorable, and unforgettable characters I read to meet-up and relax.

I read from a variety of sources including, but not limited too:  Audible, Scribd, Net Galley, and yes actual books.  I will always mention where I read the book.  Some books, at least for me, are just meant to be listened too (aka any and all Star Wars novels) while some books just need to be held, their pages turned by hand, that lovely book smell greeting you each time you open the book or turn a page.

So, find a free spot at the bar or an open seat at a table and enjoy the view.  You never know what character will turn up to tempt you to read their story.


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