Killer Jam By Karen MacInerney



My first NetGally book, Killer Jam by Karen MacInerney, was an utterly enjoyable read.   The book releases on 28 July 2015.   I quickly lost myself in Buttercup, TX and the challenges Lucy Resnick, our protagonist, faces upon moving, changing careers and finding herself the prime suspect for the murder of the lest loved resident in town. 

Lucy gave up her reporter job and comfortable life in the city to become a homesteader on the farm where she summered as a child and her grandparents had lived.  There are  more than enough challenges to abound for Lucy before the murder during the Founder’s Day celebration.  Learning to milk Blossom without her kicking over the milk bucket every time she was milked, unexpected expenses that always occur when moving and starting life over, her best friend Quinn is being threatened by her ex-husband, and the threat of an impending oil exploration on the farm by the former owner who had retained the mineral rights to the property.

Lucy and the various residents of Buttercup are very well executed and believable.  The easily jump off the page and become memorable in their own right.  There are no flimsy character portrayals and there are plenty of interesting characters in town to base future novels.  Lucy, Quinn, and Blossom make for an interesting romp through the perils and delights of small town living.

This book easily falls into the category of cozy mystery.  There is no violent imagery or strict police procedural read.  Rather, grab a cold glass of iced tea and step outside to enjoy the first adventure of Lucy Resnick and the residents of Buttercup.


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